A uniform graphical representation of intensity coding
in current generation cochlear implant systems


Cochlear MED-EL AB Neurelec
Cochlear's Nucleus System MED-EL's Maestro System Advanced Bionics's Harmony System Neurelec's Saphyr System

Bart Vaerenberg1,2, Paul Govaerts1,
Thomas Stainsby
3, Peter Nopp4, Alexandre Gault5, Dan Gnansia6

1 The Eargroup, Antwerp-Deurne, Belgium

2 Laboratory of Biomedical Physics, University of Antwerp, Belgium

3 Cochlear Ltd, Sydney, Australia

4 MED-EL, Innsbruck, Austria

5 Advanced Bionics, Stäfa, Switzerland

6 Neurelec, Vallauris, France


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